Chandrayaan 3: India’s Leap towards Lunar Excellence

Humanity's fascination with the Moon has spanned centuries, from ancient myths to the modern era of space exploration. In this exciting journey, India has emerged as a prominent player with its...

Cyber Security – An Insurance From Cyberattacks or Crimes

Introduction of Cyber Security On the internet, data or information is widely spread and with each year, technology is becoming more comprehensive and complicated, and so do cyberattacks. Digital...

India GDP in Trillion: A Path to Become a $30 Trillion Economy

The bold and big thinking of Indian leaders is pushing India to become a $30 trillion economy in the next 30 years. In a short span of a year, the Indian economy has quickly expanded, from the...

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services To Boost Economy of New India

Has a chatbox ever asked you to open a savings account? Does ever a computerized assistant resolve your queries in minutes? In this blog, we will understand how Artificial Intelligence drives Indian...

Master Circular On Bank Finance To Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)

This Master Circular consolidates instructions on the above matter issued up to January 04, 2022 by which more autonomy have been given to NBFCs registered with RBI

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At SARC, we duly appreciate the dynamics involved right from the inception of your Business to being the industry leader and keeping this in mind we run several service lines to stand with you throughout the life of your business.

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We understand diverse industries, disruptive innovations and emerging sectors. Our professional network is equipped to deliver the committed professional services irrespective of the Industry you belong to. 

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We follow a customer-centric model while offering specialized services to meet their diverse business needs; and with our comprehensive industry expertise and innovative business solutions, our aspiration lies in strengthening businesses.


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Become a part of the SARC Associates team that provides professional financial services to businesses; does auditing, taxation, accounting, financial analysis, risk management and advising on financial structures. 

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SARC Associates is one of the leading professional services organisations established in the mid-eighties, under the aegis of Sunil Kumar Gupta, having its corporate office in New Delhi, our branches are spread across the country with footprints in London

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